Start Me Up

2013 entered in and found me deep in thought, glass of Prosecco in hand.

-What project to tackle next?

-Where should I focus my blog posts?

-Should I color my hair?

My Grandmother used to say, “Whatever the New Year finds you doing, is what you’ll keep on doing.” So I quickly (or not so quickly, this is the second week of January.) made some decisions.

When I looked back over my 2012 posts, my favorites were:

Voice recording: I love to read, even out loud.

Kitchening: My kitchen is where I can always find inspiration.

But I need to complete projects. Playtime’s over. So…

I’m going to chronicle my journey to finish my novel and a few other projects. Throughout the process, I’ll share my kitchen creations and maybe read a flash story now and then.

Hope you’ll join me.

And no, I still haven’t decided on the hair.


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