How Does That Make You Feel?

I’ve completed my longest project to date.

It isn’t the novel. Although I did get some inspiration on that front as well.

This project is a dark fantasy novella somewhere close to 18,000 words in length. And in the process I’ve become quite attached to my main character.

How do I feel about completing it? To quote a wonderful woman and friend that I met on a writer’s retreat in Montana: It feels amazing.

And she’s right. At the same time I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment and like a boulder has been lifted from my shoulders.

I still have the novel ahead of me but now… Now I know I can do it.

And you can, too. So get to it.

PS: I was reading through the novella for proofreading and editing purposes (more on that later) and it seems my main character has more story to tell. Novella two is on the horizon.

Damn. I mean, Yay!


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