Happy Birthday to me: Another type of Review

A year can seem like the longest mile or it can feel like it passed in a heartbeat.

On my birthday last year, I made goals—promises to myself—that I would accomplish within the next 365 days. Some of them I reached, others… um, no. Because I’m a positive person, I’ll only mention the successes here. The goals I didn’t reach, I’ll re-evaluate and decide if they are still relevant enough to go on the next list.

Here are some highlights from my not-going-to-mention-my age-in-a-post year:

  • I’ve started this blog and stuck with (somewhat) regular posting. I’ve learned a lot from the process and I’ve gotten some good responses to what I’ve shared.
  • I started posting book reviews, many of the titles from small presses. From that I’ve learned to appreciate various styles, clarity, characterization, and pacing.
  • I’ve finished my novella, my longest work to date. It’s been edited, but I must comb through it one more time before I’m off to self-publish it. I’ve even announced it on my website: edenroyce.com  (Eeek! I’m going to self-publish!  *bites nails*)
  • Then I learned to take a break from writing to renew my commitment to it. (Trust me, you’ll know when you need that break.) My break took me to England for eight days with a very special person.
  • More traveling: I went on a writer’s retreat to Montana and met a group of fantastic women writers. Some were new to the page and others had publications under their belt. We were from various backgrounds but in those 5 days we became sisters.  We still Google chat!
The Walking Lightly Ranch
The Walking Lightly Ranch in Montana

I also met some great authors this year, two of whom share my birthday August 5th.  Check out their blogs to see what these other Leo ladies are up to.  (What’s that sound? Is it a lion’s roar?)


gyngerfyer.blogspot.com – Gynger is giving away a gift for her birthday. By collecting all three keywords from all three blogs–mine is lion’s roar– and sending them in a Facebook message to Gynger, your name will be put into a drawing to win a prize. She’ll be picking the winner this evening around 7:00 Eastern. Good luck!

This birthday year culminates in my being asked to become the Horror submissions editor for Mocha Memoirs Press. Mocha wants to expand their speculative fiction titles (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) and that’s where I came in. So I have a few things planned for MMP.

Seems like goals are creating themselves this time.

If another birthday’s come and gone and you’re wondering what you’ve done, don’t despair. Start making a list with what you’ve accomplished. You may surprise yourself.

Happy writing…


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me: Another type of Review

  1. Nikki Tigner

    Great post! Somehow I lost my vision for making goals. You inspired me to make some new ones. Thanks. Good luck with your own goals!

  2. Happy Birthday and a great post! Sounds like you have had an amazing year and I hope this next one is full of great experiences as well (ones that you can blog about so we can read about it here too). 🙂

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