Friday Find: WiHM 2014

I’ve stayed away from having a specific weekly post on my blog. Monday Madness, Terrible Tuesday and such.  (Although, I love my friend Nico Serene’s “WTF Wednesday” posts on Facebook. Always good for an inappropriate snort of laughter.)

But I came across something recently that I must share.  And as it’s Friday, I’m snowed in with a touch of cabin fever, I’m going to call it a Friday Find.  Having named it, I must disclose that I can’t promise to have one weekly but if something catches my eye that I want to share, I’ll try and save it for a Friday post. Try.

Anyway, my aunt moved recently and as a treat for assisting with the move, I was allowed to take any books I wanted from her significant stash. This was one of the titles I snagged (circa 1964):

The cover is a bit worn and torn, but the stories inside are well-preserved.
The cover is a bit worn and torn, but the stories inside are well-preserved.

I love the short story writing form and these stories were amazing. Each tale has at least one line drawing associated with it, a snapshot of a scene from within the story. While each of these stories were powerful in its own way, a standout for me was written by one of my favorite authors of gothic horror: Daphne Du Maurier.

DuMaurier in Cornwall
Du Maurier in Cornwall

The Blue Lenses is set in a hospital after our protagonist wakes up from an operation.  Her eyes are bandaged at first, and after insisting that the covering be removed, she is horrified at who—er, what—she sees.

Maybe you’ve read Du Maurier’s best-loved novel, Rebecca, which has one of the most memorable first lines in literature. “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…” Or maybe you’ve seen the movie of the same title.

If you’re a horror fan, you’ve definitely seen the movie adaptation of her novelette done by Alfred Hitchcock, “The Birds”.

My mother saw "The Birds" in the theater. She said that she's never been the same since...
My mother saw “The Birds” in the theater. She said that she’s never been the same since…

When you love an author’s work, it is a treat to come across something of theirs that you haven’t read before. I don’t think Short Story International is in business anymore, but their motto of “Short Stories bring the world into focus” holds true.  At least it does for me.

What are your favorite short stories?


4 thoughts on “Friday Find: WiHM 2014

  1. Short stories are my preferred addiction. Sitting on my nightstand right now I have two collections of shorts that I am picking and choosing my way through. I love being able to finish a story in a single sitting.

  2. My favorites? Anything from In the Bloodstream & The Grotesquerie. (does I gets bonus points???) I make it a regular habit to read my Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazines from cover to cover. I find myself completely immersed while reading and taking notes once the stories are read. Such diversity, there’s always a different technique being exploited – waiting for my little eyes to discover. That has to be the best thing about shorts, the quick access to the imaginations of so many authors.

    Most authors aim for full length novels, but look at what gems there are out there from the likes of Bradbury and Asimov, etc, etc, etc. I think it’s fine to have an end goal of the big one, but the little ones are what can hook you new fans. What a prize to be had.

    Great post. I’d love to get my hands on that book…maybe you could bring it to a Write In one night? (hint, hint)


    1. Kierce,

      You definitely get bonus points! I love Bradbury’s short stories and Guy De Maupassant’s and Poe’s, too.

      Of course, you can check out the book. I’ll bring it along to a group meeting sometime soon.

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