GUEST: Mercedes M. Yardley on Women in Horror

Thought provoking post on women that write horror from Mercedes M. Yardley.

Melanie R. Meadors

Women in Horror, by Mercedes M. Yardley

ImageFebruary is Women in Horror month. Did you know this? Does it surprise you? Were you aware of this at all? Forget hearts and Valentines. It’s time for guillotines and battle axes, as well as a trace of lipstick on the poison vial.

It’s interesting at the general reaction when a woman says she writes horror.

“What do you write?” Somebody asks me. “Romance? Young Adult?”

“No, I write dark fantasy and horror.”

There’s a pause, usually. Definitely a blink. Then the quick, “Oh, I don’t read horror.”

Don’t you? I bet, for the most part, that you do. Have you ever read Frankenstein? It is, arguably, the beginning of the horror genre as we know it. Horror is more than blood and gore and dark things that go bump in the night. It’s satire. It reflects society as it truly is. Every day…

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