Women in Horror Interview: Eden Royce

The wonderful Selah Janel interviewed me on her blog. I’m talking women, horror, and… refrigerators.

Come Selahway With Me...

First, thanks to all the authors of The Grotesquerie who participated in my interviews! I’m pleased and proud to not only be able to showcase so many different insights on my blog, but to stand with you guys in the same book.

I thought I’d wrap this up with the woman whose evil genius plan it was to bring The Grotesquerie to fruition. That’s right, today it’s my pleasure to interview author/Grotesquerie editor, Eden Royce!

SJ: Why horror? Out of all the things to write, why does this genre appeal to you?

ER: While I read and write in several genres, I always come back to horror.  There’s something so visceral, so basic about it. Not everyone loves romance. Not everyone is thrilled by adventure.  Everyone has fears. Reading and writing horror is a way to expose yourself to those basic instincts we all have, in a way that’s…

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