Eve’s Requiem: A Review

I had the privilege to read an advance copy of Spider Road Press’s release Eve’s Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery, and Horror.

Eve’s Requiem is a compelling compilation of tales in tribute to the resiliency of women who are placed in dangerous situations.

Many of these tales have paranormal elements, while others are firmly grounded in realistic, everyday situations that spiral out of control. Historically in much of horror fiction, women have been regulated to helpless victims or sexual conquests. This collection of stories places women in positions of power.

Eve's Requiem small

The women in these short stories are relatable: they assert themselves, make choices, and take action. While they feel fear, these women are not stymied by it. I found it heartening that the focus was not on their physical descriptions—the characters could be any of us. The essence of these stories was centered on their strength, their reasoning, their decisions, their need to survive.

That fight for survival is what makes the stories in Eve’s Requiem such an engrossing and relevant read. To purchase, head over to the Spider Road Press Bookstore.

An added plus is that 5% of the proceeds from all Spider Road Press titles are donated to charities which address the issues of sexual assault, supporting American veterans, empowering youth and fighting hunger at home and abroad. I’m sure editors Fern Brady and Patricia Flaherty Pagan would love to have a review from you as well.

Happy Reading!


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