Bearing Up: A Release

I’ve been focused on writing horror and dark fantasy for quite some time now.  But not everyone knows the first story I had published was an erotica tale.

So when I saw a call for submissions from Changeling Press requesting “weird shifter” erotica stories, I couldn’t resist writing a short story to fit the challenge. (My romance and erotica stories tend to be a bit quirky and offbeat.)

And it was accepted for publication! Here’s the cover:

Teddy bear shifter... the gift that keeps on giving.
Teddy bear shifter… the gift that keeps on giving.

The Blurb:

Hard-working assistant bank manager Ellie is having a hard time getting over getting dumped by her cheating ex. After a particularly tough week, she visits her best friend Tippett at her job, a local carnival.

There, she plays a boardwalk game run by a mysterious and intriguing carnival barker and wins an adorable stuffed teddy bear. Later that night, the bear shifts into a tall, flame-haired lover with the ability to make her forget everything except the passionate games he wants to play.

Pick up a copy of the first in the quirky, sexy Carnival Magic novella series.  It’s  available now on Changeling’s site and coming soon to Amazon and


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