Podcast for the Ages: Running and Screaming and Giant Frogs

I love podcasts.  There’s something about them–maybe the fact that I can walk around and do other things while listening to them. So rare for me lately to not be tied to a computer screen. It also gives me a back in the day sort of feeling, listening to the radio while doing chores.

There’s a radio show on BBC Radio 4 called The Unbelievable Truth, that I also enjoy listening to. It’s a quiz show with comedian David Mitchell in the chair– love that term– and is described in the program’s introduction as “the panel game built on truth and lies.” The object of the game is for the participants to lie on a subject, while trying to include the truth without being detected. The other contestants have to spot the lies to win points. You can find episodes of it on You Tube. I used to listen to it while washing dishes, kitchening, packing, or daydreaming about what I need to write.

This... this is what I need to finish writing.  I mean, It's going to be released in another month or so.
This… this is what I need to finish writing. I mean, it’s going to be released in another month or so.

I also find not having the visual to focus on more stimulating to the imagination. If you’ve never listened to a podcast online, I recommend Crucible of Realms. It’s fun and crazy and geeky and always makes me laugh.

Some of the comments made are enough to inspire stories on their own.  I mean, check the title of this podcast:

Running and Screaming and Giant Frogs.

So listen to the latest Epoch iteration on the fantastic Crucible of Realms.  To quote the podcast: “Go out there and create something. The world needs more stuff.”

Disclaimer: There’s a little bit of a skip toward the end of my reading, but I don’t think it distracts from the excerpt.


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