Black Beauty Blog Tour: Random Facts


Constance Burris is the author of the horror short story, Black Beauty, a cautionary tale about putting too much emphasis on one standard of beauty.  I interviewed her for my Graveyard Shift Sisters feature here.  She was kind enough to send me a few random facts about her release for her blog tour.

Plot Summary:

At Vista Apartment Complex, life drastically changes for four of its residents when they decide to do business with Crazy Jade—the supposed voodoo witch who can grant your wish for a price.

Shemeya wants the confidence to stand up against the girls bullying her at school, but she soon has to choose between keeping her dreadlocs or living a normal life. After catching her boyfriend cheating, Latreece just wants to have the same curves as all the other girls. Ashley will do whatever she can to have “White Girl Flow”, but takes her pursuit too far when she steals from Crazy Jade.

Constance was kind enough to share with us a few random facts about her tale, Black Beauty.

Most of Black Beauty is set in an apartment complex in Oklahoma City

I’m from Oklahoma, and I wanted to write about my childhood. Until junior high, my family lived in various apartment complexes across the city. I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a very social type of living.  Apartments are a type of ready-made communities where adults and children have no choice but to interact with each other. It’s different living in houses, where you don’t have to talk with your neighbors if you don’t want to.

Medusa was inspired by a fellow author

One of my favorite authors has dreads down her back.  In the TSA line, they patted her hair and treated her dreads like they were snakes. And I thought, “wouldn’t that be a cool if her dreads were snakes.

Music Videos and Body Image

Latreece is affected by the images of black women she sees in music videos: big butties and curvy. What happens if you don’t fit the stereotype?

Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction

One of the reasons I wrote Black Beauty was because I have a teenage daughter. I had to watch as she went through puberty, be verbally assaulted by boys, and be ignored by boys.  Black Beauty is the closest I’ll ever get to a self-help book for her.

There will be sequels

Shemeya, Andre, Ashley, and Crazy Jade will have their own stories.

Get your copy of Black Beauty at the links below:

Amazon: Purchase Link Itunes: Purchase Link Barnes & Noble: Purchase Link Goodreads: Connect about it on Goodreads!  Book Depository: Pick up internationally!

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