Loot Crate: A Review

I was lucky enough to receive a free Loot Crate offer from The Melting Potcast, a writing variety show featuring a little of Everything from Everyone, Everywhere. The show features flash fiction submissions written to the podcast’s writing prompts–short works, intended to present different writers’ interpretations of the same ideas.

In addition, there are author interviews, recorded panels from conventions, book reviews, and much more for writers and listeners alike.

Now on to the Loot!

 The Loot Crate box. It come just like this. No wrapping or anything. Everyone will know your geeky awesomeness.Loot Crate cover

The Loot Crate box. It come just like this. No wrapping or anything. Everyone will know your geeky awesomeness.

November box pictures below. Theme: Combat

Nov loot open
Please excuse the kitten’s interest in the Loot Crate. He enjoys investigating all mail I receive.

Nov contents



Exclusive Cute But Deadly Magnet Set and Figurine

Exclusive Fallout 4 Vault Boy Bobble Head

TMNT Shredder Sunglasses

The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 pin

Exclusive Street Fighter Hyper Looting comic

Loot Crate button

Nov statues
Close up of the two figurines. I had a little cold when the crate arrived, so there’s a little pack of tissues in  the background.

I had to sign up for a subscription to get my free crate. I have to admit that I was a mite disappointed in the November box. I’d heard great things about Loot Crate, so since it was the holiday season, I decided to get the December crate as well, to see if the previous box was a fluke. Here’s a glimpse of that box.

December box pictures below.

Dec crate open


metal Halo crate
Awesome Halo metal tin is awesome.


Dec contents
The kitten was super happy about the December contents and I was too!


Exclusive Star Wars Han Solo Bobble Head (with grey temples)

Exclusive Ugly Holiday Sweater T-shirt

Exclusive Galaxy Quest Authentic Prop Replica Patch

Exclusive Halo 5 Ammo Tin Box

Loot Crate Button

Halo 5: Guardians Req Pack (This has a code that I can’t use so I’ll be giving it away on my Facebook page later.)


All in all, I’m happy about my crates. And I’m thankful for The Melting Potcast for the free Loot Crate. From what I’ve heard from Head Chef A.F. Grappin, they will be doing more of these types of giveaways, so go onto Facebook and Twitter to show some love for the Potcast.


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