2nd Annual Colors in Darkness Party

Today is the final day of the 2nd Annual Colors in Darkness Facebook party.

It runs from 1 p.m.-10 p.m. Eastern time. (I’ll be on at 4:00 p.m.) We like to party hard! But if you miss us, you can always go back to the event page and catch up on the festivities.

Stop by for a chat with lots of authors of dark fiction and play a game or two. You might win a  prize! Join us…

CID Skull party.jpg


Until then, a little piece of flash fiction I wrote while wearing “Red Room”, a fragrance from Swan Children Alchemy’s Twin Peaks line.

That Type of Girl

What’s that? On your face?

Lipstick, surely. Rouge, maybe. Smeared, ground, rubbed into your bare nails to tint them a rusty red.

But you don’t wear rouge.

The mist of memory swirls, runs. Under your nails…dirt. A line of it. You bring your hands to your head to contain the throbbing, the pounding.

Gardening. You’d been in the garden. Planting.

You yawn, then wince. Flex your cheek to ease the dull pain. Cool. Cold. Tiles. You’re in the bathroom. Your reflection the mirror tells you that.

Then she tells you: You don’t garden.

And you remember.

You argued.

He hit you.

Then red.


But… you wouldn’t. You’d never… hurt anyone, would you? You’re not like that.

Your reflection smiles. Rouged cheeks and red lips. Rusty red.

She tells you: You would.

But she’ll keep your secret.

You smile.

Rusty red.



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