Day 5: Zin E. Rocklyn



Zin E. Rocklyn hails from Jersey City, New Jersey and is of Trinidadian descent. As such, she says she’s always been surrounded by the spine-tingling tales of ghost children, devilishly handsome men, and mysterious, lost spirits, all looking for your soul when you’re a little too careless.

Her immersion in these tales have made her stories older and deeper than her years, much like the name she’s chosen to pen them under. Zin passes the time daydreaming, reading, and thinking up new ways to creep her most loved ones out.

Her short story “Need” is in the Colors in Darkness anthology Forever Vacancy, and is a visceral tale of an ageless being who gives two mysterious men checking in to the Kretcher motel more than they bargained for when they attempt to possess her.


Her short story “Summer Skin” is in the upcoming Sycorax’s Daughters, an anthology of black women horror fiction and poetry. Some of her other short works can be found on the blog Oblique in 30: Tests from the Deck.

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