Day 6: Pheare Alexander


Pheare Alexander says most of her life has been spent reading and thus writing her own tales soon followed. Her writings focus on horrific tales of murder, fantasy, morality and exploration into the decay of the human mind.

Her contemporary psychological horror novel, Str8laced asks the question:

Who do you live your life for?

Successful child psychiatrist Dr. Jocelyn Reynolds is abducted and kept in a one-room dungeon, where this question is posted to her by McClaine Henry, a woman suffering from severe psychosis. Henry, a seasoned serial killer, proclaims to want therapy to change her life and Dr. Reynolds is only one she trusts.

But Reynolds is pregnant and that changes the game…

Alexander’s writing is tense and taut, mirroring the emotional and physical torture Dr. Reynolds endures from the sadistic Henry.


Buy Str8laced on Amazon here. You can connect with Pheare Alexander on Twitter.


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