Day 15: Vicy Cross


Vicy Cross resides in Texas. Having graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, she writes speculative fiction, Gothic horror, unusual historical fantasies, and all things strange. Despite the dark, gritty imagery in her books, she practices a non-violent lifestyle and is vegetarian.

Her debut dystopian novel, Tuesday Apocalypse, is a first-person narrative told in epistolary format.  Epistolary novels are written exclusively through the use of letters or journals by one or more characters, and are examples of the classic Gothic style used by Stoker in Dracula and by Shelley in Frankenstein. More modern examples are Walker’s The Color Purple and King’s horror classic Carrie.  As the style has fallen out of favor, Cross’ unconventional manuscript was rejected by at least one publisher for the narrative structure alone.

In Tuesday Apocalypse, Cross’ experience as an erotica writer is evident.She is able to blend sex and horror into a tale that chronicles a unique battle between good and evil, between faith and the flesh. In war-ravaged 1940’s Britain, Sister Barbara fights not only against a tentacled monster, but against her own burgeoning sexual desire–for first a man, then for a woman– which tears at the core of her deeply held beliefs.

Barbara’s mounting fear is palpable as she strives to find out what is turning the patients and staff at the hospital into monsters, and whether she should succumb to temptation and join them.


Find Tuesday Apocalyse on Amazon and follow Vicy on Twitter.


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