About the Geisha

I’m a native of Charleston, South Carolina now living in England.  (That in itself should be a whole separate blog.)

Here is where I write about writing, how to stay inspired when your motivation runs low, and how to edit your own work. It’s also the place where I promote authors and shout about my own work. You’ll also find me reviewing books, cooing over some cool geeky paraphernalia, or “kitchening” — creating delicious things in my kitchen to fuel my own writing process.

I’m the recipient of the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Diverse Worlds grant and I write a feature for Graveyard Shift Sisters, where I interview a female horror author of color and review her latest work.

I’ve had stories appear in over a dozen anthologies from large and small presses–horror, steampunk, dark fantasy, erotica, haiku, and combinations thereof. One of my stories is being adapted for a short horror film anthology called 7 Magpies. I provide editing and proofreading services for a publisher and for individuals. I’ve also given my voice to several fantasy characters on gaming and writing podcasts. Besides all of that, my passions include roller-skating, listening to thunderstorms, and sumi-e painting.


You can also find me on FacebookTwitter, or on my website. If you’d rather email me, you can do so at eden@edenroyce.com

Enjoy my content? I’d love you to buy me a Ko-fi.


One thought on “About the Geisha

  1. Chuck

    I am a newbie to the Blog world. I just launched my site that promotes my book as well as invite people to get to know the real me. I’m a contributing writer for “Two Drops of Ink”. I will requesting other writers to contribute to my site as well. I hope you will follow me.

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