28 Days of Black Women in Horror History

This February—which is both Black History Month and more recently, Women in Horror Month—I wanted to do something special to celebrate both.

Luckily, Ashlee Blackwell of Graveyard Shift Sisters asked if I’d be interested in collaborating with her on a project. I said, “Yes! Would love to.” Only later did I ask, “What is it?”

Well, here’s the reveal: 28 Days of Black Women in Horror History.


Each day in February, both Ashlee and I will post a brief bio, photo, and links to these horror sisters. Ashlee will focus on television and film on the Graveyard Shift Sisters site, while I focus on novels, short stories, and poetry here on my blog The Dark Geisha. We’ll throw in any other fun tidbits we find into each post too.

We’ll use the hashtags #Blackwomeninhorror and #WiHM8 in each post. Make sure you do too when you comment and share the posts because there are prizes!

Prizes, you ask? Oooh!

There’s a contest for readers/supporters who actively use the hashtags listed above across social media highlighting their favorite Black women in horror history. Share pictures and/or links of their work with the hashtags. Remember, this is to celebrate us across all media platforms, so include authors, actors, visual artists, directors, and publishers.

Ashlee’s prize: Two of the most actively engaged will receive GSS swag along with the exclusive tote, and a copy of Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight on DVD.

My Prize: One of the most actively engaged will receive a tote bag from Colors in Darkness, the online spot for speculative fiction authors of color, along with a copy of Jewel Parker Rhodes’ Voodoo Dreams. Another actively engaged participant will receive a copy each of Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Jewel Parker Rhodes’ Voodoo Dreams.

Come on in…the water’s fine.

Tune into my blog and Graveyard Shift Sisters site beginning February 1st for 28 Days of Black Women in Horror History and celebrate with us.

Deadly Reads Radio: An Appearance

I’ll be interviewed on Deadly Reads Radio with Linda and Lisa on Wednesday, but you won’t need to stay up. They’re doing a special show to accommodate my time zone. If you’re around at 4:00 pm Eastern, I’d love to have you call in!


Feel free to ask me Southern Gothic horror is or what work I have coming out or my recommended reads for those lovers of the grotesque. I’m even open to chatting about recipes, local eerie legends, and what the heck a Charleston girl is doing in the United Kingdom.

Once the show starts, you can call in to speak with the horror hostesses: (646) 668-2716

You can listen to the show here on Wednesday, January 5th  at 4:00 pm Eastern time–which for me is 9:00 pm here in England.

Let’s get 2017 started!

February Events Are Here

I know, it’s been here for a few days. I’m behind on my posting. No surprise there.

But there is a surprise in the festivities. February is Black History Month and Women in Horror Month. So I’ll share a quote from a ground-breaking American author, feminist and social activist.

“No black woman writer in this culture can write ‘too much.’ Indeed, no woman writer can write ‘too much.’ -Bell Hooks

For me, the quote above is true. That’s why I’ll be sharing posts on my Facebook and Twitter pages–in addition to this blog, of course–with articles about African-Americans and women horror writers. Spider Road Press has asked me to write a few articles and I’m also writing one for Horror Addicts.

In addition to that, I have two novellas to complete.

As I expected, February is a busy month, but I’m going to do my best to share all the festivities with you, so that you can share and support the great work being done on all fronts.


Oh! And if you’d like a Women in Horror Month banner like the nifty one I have on my Twitter page and in this post, go here to get yours!




Blood Moon Rising 2: An October Event

Blood Moon Rising

The season of fear is almost upon us.

No, not tax time. Halloween. All Hallows Eve.

Already the stores are start into stock themed candy, costumes, and pumpkin spice flavored everything. (Not my thing, but hey…get those lattes while you can.)

This is also the time of year that dark fiction artists love. Especially writers and authors. It gives our dark creations a perfect stage on which to shine.

It also means parties. Like the Blood Moon Rising Party that is happening all October long on Facebook.

“Join us on Blood Moon Rising 2 – for fans of horror, fantasy and sci-fi, this is the place to be Oct 1st on Facebook.” 

Blood Moon Rising 2—the first was in May—is an event where thirty dark fiction authors will be chatting about their latest projects. There will be giveaways, free stories to read, and good old-fashioned shenanigans. And who doesn’t love that?

Each author will have one day to take over the event and post about their books and why they love this time of year. (My day is October 30.) Stop by each day for games, prizes, excerpts… whatever these authors’ mysterious minds can create. Everyone is welcome to join, comment, and participate in the festivities.

Here’s the Facebook link for Blood Moon Rising. Click it and join thirty authors of speculative fiction—horror, fantasy, and sci-fi—for a scary good time. Even if you can’t stop by each day, click the Thunderclap link and support the event on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

See you in October!