Spreading ‘Em

Been a while since I posted, but here it goes.  I’ve decided to share my venture into some unexplored territory. 


I’ve written horror, dark fantasy, and erotica. Some of which I’ve had published.

But I wanted to spread my literary wings. Try new genres. Just to see. To see if I could do it successfully. To see if I could come up with an idea that worked for a genre that I haven’t dangled my toes in.

I read romance, but I never wrote one. (I’ll save the erotica versus romance post for another time.) Same with mystery. (Although there’s one now in the works.)

So I tried my hand at writing a steampunk story.  It was fun to create a story in a genre usually set in Victorian England and place it firmly in “my world” of the American South. I think mixing the traditional with unexpected elements makes for great things. Maybe that’s why I crave a salted caramel bread pudding every now and then.

At one minute before the deadline I sent my steampunk darling in for an anthology call and it was accepted.  “Clockwork Gin” will be in Kerlak Publishing’s Award-Winning Dreams of Steam III. No details on release date or cover art yet, but I’ll post them when I get them.

My horizon broadening also extended toward character. When a fellow Charlotte writer, John Hartness announced a call for story submissions, I wanted to send something. When I read the call, I paused.  The anthology is titled “The Big Bad: an Anthology of Evil”.

The only real requirement was that the protagonist had to be a bad guy. While not perfect, most of my characters try to be good guys, er… women, er… people. But if I wanted in, I had to change that.


Bad guy, right. I’ve written them before. But never as the focus of the story. But I shift in my chair, move away from the wall, and spread my inky wings, and start to write.  On the day of the deadline, I submitted “Closest to the Bone”.

It, too, was accepted.

Ditto on release date and cover art.

So I’m happy. Feeling like I can conquer the world. There’s another reason I’m feeling unstoppable, but more on that later.

Until then, keep writing and reading. And spread your wings a bit.

You never know what you may be capable of.


Guys Don’t Make Passes

We all know how the phrase ends.

At girls who wear glasses.

And while I rarely wear glasses anymore, I think a variation of this phrase happens to be true.

Guys don’t make passes at girls who appear intelligent.

Eh, I could be wrong. Translation: Please let me be wrong. I’m willing to accept and embrace being wrong on this. (I am not, however, wrong about monkeys. More on that later.)

Here’s what happened:

There’s a shuttle that takes me (and on average a dozen or more corporate drones) from my parking spot to the office of my day job. It’s a trolley-like affair, red with polished wood seats and a somewhat maniacal driver.

It’s a ten to fifteen minute ride for me one-way. Just enough time to get a few pages of the latest gripping novel I’m reading or take notes on the latest gripping story I’m writing.

So I pull out a book.

I’m well into page two when I hear two men talking about me. They are on the other side of the trolley, one seat behind me. (I have excellent peripheral vision.) The conversation they had went like this:

Man One: Why don’t you talk to her? She’s cute.

Man Two: Oh, yeah. <pause> No wait. I can’t. She’s reading a book. She might be smart. (This last sentence was said in a stage whisper, but I heard it clearly.)

Man One: Yeah, you’re right.

I didn’t let on during this exchange that I was listening, but it made me wonder if intelligence or the appearance of having two brain cells to rub together is a turnoff for most men.

For me, I like a smart guy. Witty, sharp, well-read… Those things add to his attractiveness in my mind. And I had hoped it worked the same way on the other side.

I can’t hide my love of reading, nor do I wish to.

Maybe it’s just time to pay extra for a parking spot in the building.

Caution: What You’re Holding is Extremely Hot!

I’m so excited to announce my short erotic story, “The Snow Maiden”, has been accepted for publication with Mocha Memoirs Press.

“Snow Maiden” will be out in July, as part of MMP’s 31 Days of Steamy Mocha, in celebration of their three year anniversary.

Also during July, MMP will feature $1.00 downloads, daily blogposts, and chats with authors. (Including me!)

Purchase this story and all of Mocha’s other amazing titles, even fantasy and horror offerings here: http://mochamemoirspress.com

Here’s a short blurb about the story:

Claire can’t take it anymore. Faced with burnout at her job and a non-existent social life, there’s not much to be warm and fuzzy about. When her best friend cancels their dinner plans at the last minute, Claire gives her the cold shoulder. Not even her therapist’s relaxation techniques are able to chip away at her icy exterior. Will a chance encounter with a sexy stranger be enough to thaw the Snow Maiden before her heart freezes over completely?

Devil’s Playground

There’s recording of me reading my horror haiku “Devil’s Playground” on my website and I’d love it if you would give it a listen.

It’s a little crackly, but you’ll get the idea.



You can find this haiku along with some great horror and dark fantasy short stories in Strange Tales of Horror: An Anthology published by Norgus Press.

No More V-Card!



Yes, yes, YES!

This is my first blog post, ever. It’s done. Finis. Cherry popped.

I’m no longer a blogging virgin.

So, this is what’s like to have a blog. Funny, I don’t feel any different.

Huh. Guess it’s just like the other first time.