Friday Find: May is Short Story Month

I wrote a blog post a short time ago stating that I usually am one of the last people to find out about writing-related festivities.

Not this time.

Thanks to the former organizer of my writing group, Brendan McKennedy, I found out about Short Story month on the day it began. Woot!

From the website on the first Short Story Month in 2013:

We are on the verge of the second golden age of the short story. Changes in distribution methods and cost, the growth of the e-reader and the fragmentation of Big Media’s hold on public attention all mean that readers, writers and editors are consuming, producing and distributing fiction in new ways.

This event is sponsored by, a writing challenge where participants strive to write one short story each day in May.


Write one short story a day?  Oooh... maybe next year.
Write one short story a day?
Oooh… maybe next year.


That won’t work for my current schedule, but at least I can share the info.

What I can do this month, is share links to some of my favorite short stories.  I hope to find many of them online for free, but a few may not be available in that format. They’d be worth the price to read, though. (In my most humble opinion.)

The first I’d like to share is: “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell.

Most Dangerous Game

My understanding is that it’s been adapted for television and at least three movies. (One with Ice Cube, I believe.) The original story is one of my favorites.

If you have time, check out and Share your favorites tales using #ShortReads. I’d love to check them out.